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About Us
Liquid-Edge Rapid Prototyping was born, from a dream. The founder, Joe du Buy, a Mechanical Engineer by trade who has been in manufacturing for many years, became frustrated by the cost involved in developing a product/concept or idea.
Over the last 18 years, many a entrepreneur or engineer has asked for a ‘sample’ to be made. Whether it is from plastic, wood or steel, a ‘sample’ traditionally meant a once-off item, which he/she could use to demonstrate or physically show his/her concept or idea.
The tooling or jig costs to make just one item, was literally the same price as if it were to be mass-produced with production tooling. This cost implication obviously places a huge damper on some very bright ideas and concepts. We are convinced that many of these fantastic ideas now reside in ‘someone’s bottom drawer’, eagerly awaiting the day of being re-discovered, revitalized, prototyped & finding their way into the consumer world.
Well, you should NOW, open that bottom drawer !
We offer a prototyping service where from your drawings we can actually make a physical prototype at a fraction of the cost and then, … you can show it to the world.
Liquid Edge
It is as easy as: Sending us your 3D CAD drawing saved as a binary file in (.STL) format, we can give you a quote to make a prototype sample (or 2 or … 10) from Acrylic Polymer (a tough engineering plastic) OR if you prefer the personal touch, give us a call, we would be happy to chat & discuss over the phone. (If you have no access to 3D CAD, we can at an additional nominal fee, do the drawings too.)
I am a proud South African, who wants to see more South African ideas & products on the world market. We have the ideas, … the Dolos, the Kreepy Krauly, Thawte (Shuttleworth), the CAT scan, Oil from coal, first heart transplant, the cricket ball ‘speed gun’, Pratley Putty, to name but a few.
Yours is next, but you must get it out of the drawer !
Think out of the box.
Only dead fish go with the flow. (Unknown author)
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